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Broadband Phone Service Get a good deal on SIP VOIP phone service.

Appicus TM - Run programs as a Windows Service.
Appicus allows you to run multiple applications as if it were a Windows Service.

SipToSis TM - SIP to Skype Gateway Bridge Proxy
SipToSis is Voice over IP software (VOIP) to connect a SIP device to the Skype network. Make SIP/Skype calls in either direction. Reduce your phone bills with Skype. Works with many SIP phone adapters (ATA). Connect Skype to Asterisk/trixbox or other SIP PBX. Integrate Skype into your VOIP phone system. Make Free calls with Skype using your SIP device. Lower your long distance rates. SipToSis bridges the gap between SIP and Skype. Interconnect Skype to SIP, Asterisk/trixbox PBX with SipToSis. Use Skype with your existing SIP hardware.
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Skype Calls Without a Computer
See devices that can use the Skype service without a computer or software.

Home Security Tips
Some good tips on staying safe in this chaotic world.

How to Lower your phone bills
Get some information on how to lower your phone bills.

Fax Services for Small Businesses
Get some information about faxing using email and internet fax services for small business.

Skype vs SIP VOIP Providers
Learn about the differences between Skype and regular SIP VOIP providers like Vonage or ViaTalk.

Ham Radio
Ham Radio and Amateur Radio gear and Electronics. Build duplexers, UHF preamplifiers and other electronic gear. Schematics and design plans. Antenna modifications. Homebrew Duplexer. Homebrew amplifier. Build your own duplexer. Satellite rotator. Interdigital Filter. Repeater Information.

RC Aerial Photography
Aerial photos with a camera onboard a radio controlled airplane.

Convert standard water heater tank to solar
See how to convert a standard water heater tank for solar use.

HDTV - High Definition Digital Television Information
Information about the Digital Television switch and HDTV technologies.

Reviews of electronics, appliances, automobiles/cars, digital camera reviews and other stuff
Read reviews of electronics, appliances, automobiles/cars, digital camera reviews and any else I come up with. Store

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