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Got a commericial exposed dipole array, but the SWR Sucks?
Check out Commercial Dipole Array Modifications.

100-2000Mhz Input to 43.5Mhz Output converter.
View Schematic - I use this with a noise figure meter.

Homebrew 440Mhz Interdigital Filter. Eliminate or reduce out of band interference.

Homebrew 440Mhz Duplexer. Make your own duplexer for repeater use.

Poor man's Duplexer Tuning Guide. Tune duplexers on a tight budget.

Think satellite antenna rotators are expensive? Check out this Satellite Antenna Rotator.

Check out some homebrew Preamplifiers. Increase the sensitivity of your repeater or receiver.

The repeaters below are no longer operational as of Hurricane Wilma

442.575 W4RCC Repeater Group Info
Main Site
  • Transmitting/RX Channel 1 from Miami Shores Florida (250ft)
  • Home Brew 4 Channel Voter (2 channels in use)
  • Using 2 radio shack scanners for voting/aux receivers (yes scanners)
  • 80 Watts of output power from GE Amplifier (100% Duty Cycle)
  • Home Brew Duplexers
  • Modifed 8 bay Commercial Exposed Dipole Array - see above for modifications
  • Regency Repeater
  • Home Brew pre-amplifier
  • Home Brew Interdigital Filter for interference rejection
  • Cat 1000 Repeater Controller

Secondary Site (RX channel 2)
  • Located in Hollywood Florida (100ft)
  • GE MVP transceiver - modifed for repeater use
  • TE systems preamp
  • Home Brew Interdigital Filter for interference rejection
  • Home Brew notch filter for interference rejection
  • 16 bay Commercial Exposed Dipole Array - unmodified
  • Some junky controller
  • Yaesu Transceiver for link output to main site
  • Home Brew bandpass filter for clean link output
  • This system can also function as a fully operational repeater when needed

444.725 K4LNP Repeater Group Info
  • Located in Hollywood Florida (100ft)
  • 80 Watts of output power (100% Duty Cycle)
  • Old Phelps Dodge Duplexers
  • 16 bay Commercial Exposed Dipole Array - unmodified
  • Unknown Repeater Transmitter
  • Using Yaesu FT-5200 for receiver
  • Home Brew Bandpass/Reject Filter for interference rejection
  • Using MH Repeater Controller Software System
  • 486 100Mhz Computer for Controller System