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These are some aerial photography attempts I made at taking photos from a Radio Controlled Airplane. As you will see, I had lots of issues. The camera was mounted on a Great Planes 40 Stick ARF. This is a good flying plane. I thought it would be a good choice to mount the camera to. The camera is an Aiptech PC USB Webcam. Works great off the 4.8 volt nicad receiver battery. I soldered inside a small wires to feed power and to be able to trigger the camera via the radio. On the ground all worked perfectly. Even a range test was successful.

First attempt (08/11/2001) aerial photos. Camera mounted near engine.
Severe engine vibration. Camera causing some interferring with control.

2nd (09/03/2001) attempt at aerial photography. Remounted camera at rear of aircraft
with ruberband suspension. Camera interference with radio - lost control
I never got to actually flip the switch to take a photo.